The Lofteez

Traverse City, Michigan

The Lofteez are an upbeat and entertaining acoustic duo in Northern Michigan, Traverse City to be exact! Originally formed and recorded in lofts in the artists’ community of Downtown Pontiac, The Lofteez feature multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Karin E of The Remedy Band on fiddle and vocals with her partner Riffin Tiff on acoustic guitar and bass.  Playing an eclectic mix of covers and originals with influences from all genres, the Lofteez are storytellers, sharing their experiences and love of extensive traveling, yoga, food, and humor.  The Lofteez perform at theatres, festivals, concerts, venues, pretty much anywhere they can play music for anyone who will listen and enjoy the experience! 

Hello Good Peoplez!

Newz Update 

There are some exciting things in the works for concerts coming up this summer and we are very excited to share with everyone here in beautiful Traverse City!   



This Friday, August 9th, 8-10pm, we have a special show at Stone Circle in Kewadin.  One of the most magical atmospheres to enjoy music, poetry and story telling.  Surrounded by trees, in the middle of massive stone boulders and next to a bright roaring fire, come and be a part of this experience with us and enjoy a show in a rare setting available to us thanks to the hard work, dedication and imagination of Poet Bard Terry Wooten keeping it beautiful for us the last 30 years! 

Help us support this wonderful venue and keep it here for 30 plus years to come for our generation now, and for those to come! More information further down the page =)


Festivals galore, late night beach jamz and swimming, countless concerts everywhere you look from your living room to the Open Space, summer is going to be a blast either way ya slice it and we want you with us every step of the way!  Without you we could not do this successfully, so we thank every single one of you music lovers for your epic support, love and inspiration.  Our music is for you from our heart, so thank you for listening with yours!  Peace, love and music =D


We had the incredible privilege and experience to be in our very first short film by Brauer Productions right here In beautiful Traverse City Michigan!  We have never worked with a more passionate and animated group of people!  Rich Brauer is a talented, real, and animated person and we are stoked to have him in our network of friends!  We thank Project Cinema MI for their awesome program and efforts they give to the community.  This is so coooooool!  We are beyond excited for people to see this amazing film and feel the message it brings right to your heart.  I'll let their website say the rest and say it best: is a community film-making project that focuses on a hands-on experience that teaches the film-making process to all ages and skill levels. The goal is to promote cultural/art enrichment and professional development through an active learning environment run by professional filmmakers and is made possible from generous contributions from supportive Traverse City individuals and businesses. is excited to present the world premiere of Sheets of Sand, a short film based on the winning screenplay by Northville native Natalie Lomske. Natalie received $500 and the opportunity to have her script crafted into a short film by Brauer Productions, Inc. Project Cinema MI created the competition to offer writers the chance to share their work and compete in this very unique project. There were 34 entrees judged by 19 film professionals across the U.S.

During production, six professional film department heads mentored nine interns from the TBA Career Tech Center, NMC Audio Technology Department and other enthusiastic individuals. Interns were taught the physical, mental, creative and social skills required to produce a dramatic film.

The story centers on a young woman with mild Cerebral Palsy and her emerging self confidence in a world of prejudice and judgement.


A Place to hear magic

Stone Circle

Around a fire under the stars

Hosted by Poet Bard Terry Wooten

Every Saturday starting at 9pm Mid-June through Labor Day weekend.

11925 Stone Circle Dr., Kewadin, MI

 Located on a narrow strip of land between Lake Michigan and Torch Lake in Antrim County, Michigan, the Stone Circle is a triple ring of 88 large boulders capturing the atmosphere of ancient cultures that gathered in family and community groups to entertain and exchange stories of everyday life and lore. Today the Stone Circle is reminiscent of a time before television and radio, when bards spun their tales to an enchanted audience. Around a flickering campfire, under a canopy of stars, and accompanied by frog songs and howls from distant  coyotes, listeners perch on boulders or spread out on blankets and lawn chairs, as an ever-changing variety of poetry, storytelling and music are woven throughout the evening at this unique outdoor amphitheater. The circular arrangements and settings were designed by Terry Wooten, who also hosts the gatherings. 
    Many of the performers are professionals, but the Stone Circle also provides an open forum for others who wish to participate. Poems must be memorized and recited by heart. On any given night you may hear the poetry of Burns, Chaucer, Service, Whitman or the original work of a visiting poet. Beowulf may come to life, a cat dance performed, or the hum of an aboriginal didjeridoo may echo up the slope. Folklore, American classics, Cowboy or contemporary poetry may be interspersed with Native American tales and children's selections. Listeners and families are welcome.


The station of epic variety

Best Radio Station Around

If you want the best variety of great artists, local and international, look no further, WNMC has got you covered!  We aboslutely love this station and want all to tune in and experience the epic tunes of WNMC.  We thank all the awesome people who put their efforts into keeping this station going, we love it!  

Tune in your dial to 90.7 FM

Online info at for the online listener. 

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