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What is a house concert and how can i have one?

A house concert is far from your typical backyard party, and much more versatile!  It's good to know a little bit behind the culture of a house concert if you’re interested in being a host to one of these exciting and customizable events.   In a nutshell, it's a donation-based small concert that allows any music lover with the right space to connect their friends to a unique, intimate live music experience.  The purpose of having a house concert is to share a special night of entertainment with your favorite people.  Having a place for artists to perform for a hand-picked audience of friends and neighbors in an intimate setting allows a very magical experience to take place. 

House Concert FAQs 

There are only a handful of things required to make a successful house concert happen. A house concert can take place in any season and in most locations.  The following questions should be considered before deciding if having a house concert is right for you. 

What kind of space do I need? 

Whether it is a living room, backyard, basement, private beach, or gazebo the space needs to be able to accommodate the musicians, their instruments, and each guest into one area comfortably.  Every person in the audience can then participate in the show in a special way.  Each space is different and in most cases can be adapted in various ways to fit the event.  We can work together to create an environment that will deliver the best experience. 

How do I build my audience? 

Would at least 20 of your friends attend a special one-of-a-kind music event at your house? If you said a solid yes, that's half the battle!  To make it beneficial for all involved, there are a minimum number of guests suggested to attend, a sweet-spot for it to be a special experience for everyone involved.  Building your own guest list is fun!  While 20 is our minimum number, you can set it up to the maximum number that your space is able to accommodate. 

How can I support the artists? 

Compensating artists’ costs for their time and effort is important to do in a way that makes everyone feel appreciated.  You want both successful donations for the musicians, and also in the once-in-a-lifetime experience you and your guests get in return.  We ask the audience to donate at the end of the concert, giving them the chance to show their appreciation through donations for the experience they just had. We do ask that the host make a small, refundable deposit so the musicians are able to travel to the event, making the event no cost to host! 

With these key factors plus a few other details covered, you can be on your way to hosting a house concert in no time!  If this sounds like your kind thing, you can get the ball rolling by contacting us through our website, messaging us on Facebook, Instagram @thelofteez or by Email  We hope to see you soon!